Examination Results 2016

Headline Performance

2016 examination results represent the third successive year of improved performance both in grades achieved but also in progress made when compared with attainments levels of pupils on entering the school.


Pupils with 5 GCSEs A*-C (inc English and Maths) 77%   (national average for boys 53%)
Pupils achieving the EBacc 52%   (national average for boys 25%)
Pupils achieving GCSE grades C or above in both English and Maths 82%   (national average for boys 58%)
GCSE average attainment 8 score 57.0 (B-) (national average for boys 47)
GCSE Progress 8 Score 0.26 (national average for boys -0.17)
Students with A Level grades A*-B 60%
Students with A Level grades AAB in at least 2 facilitating subjects 25% (national average 15%)

More detailed information is available from the Gov.UK School Performance Tables.

The Performance of Disadvantaged Pupils

Whilst we still have more work to do in closing the gap for our boys from more disadvantaged backgrounds, the majority of those from less affluent backgrounds make the same progress and attain at the same level on average as other pupils.

On average for the boys educated on-site who have received free school meals at any time in the past six years (FSM6), our Progress 8 Score was -0.36, which although less than the school average is well above the the -0.52 national figure for boys.

Similarly, Beechen Cliff’s FSM6 Attainment 8 Score of 44 is well above the 37 national figure for boys.