Charles Oldham photo for web2Mr Charles Oldham, Chair of Governors


Term of Office

Termination/ Resignation
Mr Charles Oldham Chair of Governors, Executive Governor 16/5/2013 4 years
Mr Charles Draper Vice Chair – Appointed Governor, Executive Governor; BET representative; H&S Governor 24/9/2014; appointed Vice Chair 25/2/2017 4 years
Mr Andrew Davies Headmaster and Accounting Office, Executive Governor
Mr David (Chester) Barnes Appointed Governor 25/2/2012 4 years 25/2/2017
Mrs Helen Bletso Staff Governor, support 16/3/2012 4 years
Mrs Jacqueline Brewer Elected Parent Governor; SEND Governor 4/11/2013 4 years
Mr Philip de Glanville Executive Governor 4/9/2018 4 years Resigned as Vice Chair 25/2/2017
Mrs Louise Grendon Community Governor, Executive Governor 4/12/2015 4 years
Mr Gavin Lewis Elected Parent Governor 4/11/2013 4 years
Mr Richard Stewart Staff Governor, Executive Governor 4/10/2014 4 years
Mr Martin Williams Appointed Governor 27/6/201 4 years
Mr Nigel Stevens Community Governor 10/11/2016 4 years
Vacancy Community Governor


Mr Alex Wood – Associate Governor

Company Secretary / Clerk to Governors

Mrs Debbie O’Bryan


Finance Committee – Chair: Martin Williams  Members: Helen Bletso, Gavin Lewis, vacancy
Audit Committee – Chair: Martin Williams  Members: Gavin Lewis, vacancy
Admissions Committee – Chair:  Helen Bletso Members: Andrew Davies, Jacqueline Brewer, vacancy
Pay Committee – Chair: Rotating  Members: Charles Oldham, Phil de Glanville, Louise Grendon, Charles Draper

How to contact the governors

Please email your message via the Clerk on:

Please specify if you wish your message to be forwarded to an individual governor, otherwise the default recipients will be the Chair and/or Vice Chair.


Senior Management Team

Mr Andrew Davies – Headmaster
Mr Paul Watts – Deputy Headmaster (Curriculum)
Mr Kant Mann – Assistant Headmaster (Pastoral)
Mr Darrell Sayers – Assistant Headmaster
Mr Timothy Markall – Assistant Headmaster
Mr James Oldham – Assistant Headmaster (Head of Sixth Form)

Mrs Clare Thompson – Associate – Administration
Ms Tracy Ellis – Associate – Finance

Registered Office

Kipling Avenue

Company Registered Number 07551986

Independent Auditor

Bishop Fleming
Minerva House
Lower Bristol Road