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Reporting Lateral Flow Test Results

Reporting Lateral Flow Test Results

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Introduction to Beechen Cliff

Beechen Cliff is a high achieving state day and boarding school for boys in Years 7-11 with a large, vibrant, academic mixed Sixth Form.

We are committed to providing an exceptional, all-round education both in terms of high academic standards and an incredible range of extra-curricular opportunities.

We have high expectations of our pupils in terms of their learning, conduct and appearance and encourage all to take advantage of the opportunities available to them at school.

Our pastoral care is based around our House system and we work incredibly hard to ensure our pupils are known, understood and feel both valued and supported in school.

Our pupils benefit from high quality teaching and pastoral care through working with a committed,  experienced and caring  team of staff.

We aim to develop character and an understanding of values with much of our work based around our Core Values of aspiration, compassion, independence and respect. More information about our vision and values is available here.

Mr T D Markall

The benefits of a boys' school

At Beechen Cliff we value all that it means to be a boy. With years of experience, teachers at Beechen Cliff encourage boys to grow and mature at their own pace, using teaching strategies that address learning styles specific to boys. They understand the different and complex worlds of the Year 7 boy and the young man preparing for university.

Understanding and celebrating boyhood

In an age when boys and girls are under pressure to grow up too quickly, an all-boy environment allows the boys to stay as boys for longer. Teachers acknowledge the full range of boys’ emotions and vulnerabilities, broadening their spheres. Without the social pressures of a mixed environment, boys in an all-boy school can explore the full range of their personalities and potential. Avoiding stereotypes, boys discover they have many roles to play as a scholar, athlete, artist, musician, and friend.

How boys learn

Beechen Cliff recognises that boys most often are physically active, competitive, and apt to take risks. Lessons are separated by breaks in which boys are encouraged to be active.
We know boys often prefer to work cooperatively and understand the rhythm of a boys’ classroom. Classrooms filled with boys are rarely quiet – we know that successful lessons often include lively discussion and opportunities to develop oracy skills in addition to periods of focused written work.

From boy to young man

A zest for knowledge and an enquiring mind are important and we expect all boys to achieve high academic standards, but our view of education is embedded in celebrating all aspects of success – the creative and the physical as much as the intellectual.  We support each boy in developing balance within his life, giving access to such a significant range of opportunities that all can find activities which will develop these attributes.  Our boys pride themselves on their participation and achievements.

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