Welcome to Boarding at Beechen Cliff School. The aims of our boarding provision is to provide boarding students with a stimulating  environment where they can flourish academically, build lifelong friendships and feel safe in a place they call home. Boarding students at Beechen Cliff embody the core values of the School – aspiration, balance, compassion and independence.

Our Boarding Principles

The unique ethos at Beechen Cliff School is driven by its Core Values. Core Values recognise the qualities that we expect boys to adopt and develop during their time with us. These values underpin all that we do and are considered to be an integral part of the experience at Beechen Cliff where a safe and secure learning environment, high standards of teaching and the provision of a wide and varied range of extra-curricular opportunities all combine to develop well rounded and independent thinkers. These values are:


“Working hard and trying my best at all times, both within and beyond the classroom. Aiming high and challenging myself to fulfil my potential.”


“Organising and taking responsibility for myself, developing my resilience and having the courage to do the right thing.”


“Showing consideration to others, improving the lives of those around me, and doing the right thing even when no one else is looking. Recognising my own self-worth.”


“Showing an understanding of the feelings, wishes and rights of others through words and actions and by valuing equality and diversity within the community.”


Members of our boarding community are expected to uphold our Core Values. In addition to this, boarders are expected to uphold British Values and honour the School’s Pledge of Respect.


Pledge of Respect

British Values