The pastoral system is year based with experienced Heads of Year 7 to 11 and a Pastoral Manager for each Key Stage. Each pupil is placed in a tutor group within their year. Their Tutor’s role is to oversee and guide the development of each boy in his or her charge and to provide day-to-day academic and pastoral support. Tutors work alongside the Pastoral Managers and Heads of Year to ensure each pupil is well understood and supported in the best possible way.

In addition we run a House system, which is at the heart of the boys’ experience of Beechen Cliff.  There are around 900 boys in the lower school.  Each boy is placed into one of four cross-year Houses: Byron, Kipling, Milton and Shakespeare. There are tutor groups in each year group in each House and House groups come together in assemblies and through other activities on a regular basis. In this way the boys across the school begin to know each other and contribute towards the family atmosphere which marks out Beechen Cliff and upon which so many visitors comment.  Each House is supervised by a Head of House, appointed from experienced teachers at the school.  Their role is to provide opportunities for personal development through the House system. For more information on the House system click here.

The Pastoral Team also includes our SENDCo, Pupil Premium Leads, Conduct Support Officer, counsellors and the School Nurse. All these people also contribute to ensure our pupils are well cared for in school and supported to achieve their full potential.


We recognise that parents are at the centre of our work in achieving success with our boys.  To help parents support their sons we provide clear information on academic performance and potential, guidance on support for reading and information homework which has been set for the boys.  All this is available online via our online portal Talaxy and through Google Classrppm. All payments for activities, and even the exceptional food in the refectory, are made online, helping parents to be clear about what is on offer and how their sons are taking advantage of our provision.


At Beechen Cliff we are very clear about the importance of homework.  We believe homework has huge benefits – it improves performance in lessons, enables positive reinforcement from teachers, improves attitudes towards lessons and develops pupils’ capacity to work independently.  Homework is set rigorously and the school has high expectations of pupils and the quality of the homework handed in to teachers.  There is also an expectation that parents will provide the encouragement, the resources and the quiet space to allow homework to be completed well.

Beechen Cliff also runs Homework Club, supervised time after school for pupils to receive additional support with homework.  Some pupils are directed to Homework Club on a basis of need and some attend voluntarily.

Rewards and Sanctions

Beechen Cliff runs a rewards system to promote and reward positive behaviour. This system is based around the school’s Core Values.

A consequences system (sanctions) is also in operation.

To access the MNSP Trust behaviour policy, suspension policy and other Trust policies please click here.