We offer a predominantly academic curriculum at Beechen Cliff School with mostly GCSE, AS Level and A Level courses offered.  At all times we select the courses which we believe are in the best interests of our pupils and students rather than considering our position in the DfE Performance Tables.

Many prestigious schools adopt a similar policy of entering pupils for IGCSE qualifications irrespective of whether they are included in Performance Tables.

The academic success of our pupils is incredibly important to us and our exam entry strategy is also chosen for the benefit of our pupils. For this reason, like many of the independent schools, we have continued with IGCSE English qualifications regardless of these courses not counting in the Performance Tables from 2017 onwards. This decision was taken to ensure the best outcomes for our pupils, rather than adapting to fit with the latest government changes to Performance Tables.

For this reason the 2017 and 2018 Performance Tables do not show the actual GCSE results.

From 2019 onwards IGCSEs will no longer be funded for state schools and therefore we will be entering pupils for ‘regular’ GCSEs in English.

Gov.UK Beechen Cliff Performance Tables