The KS3 curriculum aims initially to introduce pupils to a broad range of subjects and to build on knowledge from KS2 and foster interest in new areas. Throughout KS3 we aim to stretch and challenge pupils and enthuse them with a love of learning and an aspiration to achieve their full potential.

The curriculum offer is designed to provide both academic challenge and creative opportunities so pupils can explore their interests and talents in many areas.

Over the three years the curriculum aims to build knowledge across all subject areas, develop literacy and numeracy skills and build a love of reading. The curriculum also ensures pupils are equipped for future learning and this includes both beginning to learn about different career opportunities and being prepared for forthcoming GCSE courses.

The aim is through assessment of gaps and intervention all pupils end Key Stage 3 ready for the next stage in their education with the literacy and numeracy skills required.

The Key Stage 3 curriculum is also intended to support each pupil’s moral, spiritual and cultural development and to promote healthy lifestyles and well-being through our tutor, assembly and PSHE programmes and a comprehensive physical education and extra-curricular offer.