We offer opportunities for student leadership within a variety of extra curricular activities and through our prefect teams, school councils (E-Team and Eco Team) and cross-school forums.


We have prefect teams in both the Sixth Form and Year 11. Students are encouraged to apply to become a prefect and those taking on the responsibility are encouraged to take on responsibility and contribute to the development of the school.

Sixth Form Prefects are given specific areas of responsibility such as the Head Boy and Head Girl, Deputy Head Students and Prefects responsible for Equalities, Mental Health, Arts and Sport. They are also encouraged to develop their own ideas too.

Year 11 Prefects have responsibilities supporting school events and form a council where they decide as a group projects to work on.

In 2022/23 they decided to work on a joint project with Hayesfield Girls School on Sexual Harrassment and to organise an event to invite primary pupils to in order to promote Beechen Cliff School.


The school e-team meets regularly and has helped develop the school work on equalities.

For example:

  • The e-team contributed significantly towards the development of our Pledge of Respect and the promotion of equality across the school. (Information on the Pledge of Respect is available on our Equalities webpage.)
  • In 2021 the e-team also encouraged staff to include their pronouns on their email signatures, which many now do.
  • In 2022, for example, our Sixth Form Equalities Prefects were integral to the production of a video about the school’s approach to equality in partnership with Boys in Mind (Girls Mind Too).
  • In May 2022 Year 7 pupils in our e-team helped plan and lead an assembly to Years 7-11 about IDAHOBIT and supporting LGBTQ+ pupils.


The school eco-team meets regularly to look at how the school can become more sustainable for the future. This has led to the school registering with Energy Sparks and a more careful consideration of energy use.

The student team in 2021/22 were passionate about improving the school’s use of renewable energy and asked the school to consider installing solar panels. We were delighted that in the summer of 2022, with support from the Trust (Midsomer Norton Schools Partnership) and through working with Bath & West Community Energy, over 600 solar panels were installed on the school roof enabling us to meet 25% of our electricity demands through solar power. More information is available here.

Cross-school Forums

We encourage students to take part in cross-school forums to interact with other students across the city and to discuss the topics that are important to them.

Examples in 2022 have been the Youth Parliament, Anti-misogyny Forums for Sixth Form students and the Year 11 Sexual Harrassment Forum with Hayesfield.

The latter, an initiative by our Year 11 prefect team and supported by staff at both schools, is working towards delivering assemblies to younger pupils in both schools to educated them on the issues and appropriate behaviours.