Up to Monday 3rd February 2020, current Year 9 pupils will be making decisions about the subjects they would like to study for GCSE.

The options booklet (see link at the bottom of this page) sets out the curriculum to followed by next year’s Year 10 pupils and lists detailed information about each course we offer at Beechen Cliff.  At the end of the Christmas term we will write to all Year 9 parents indicating if we would expect a language and a humanities subject to be chosen for their son (Standard Academic Options) or if we will be allowing a more flexible combination of subjects to be chosen (Flexible Options).  For a small number of pupils where the curriculum at Beechen Cliff may not be appropriate we will support the pupils in finding an alternative provision for KS4.  In early January there will be an assembly and a parents’ meeting at which time the options process will be explained and boys will receive a hard copy of the GCSE Option Choices booklet.

Once subjects have been chosen, we ask parents to complete and submit the online form (see link at the bottom of this page).

For further information please contact options@beechencliff.org.uk.