Beechen Cliff needs your support

It is a common misconception of prospective parents new to Bath that Beechen Cliff is an independent school. Beechen Cliff’s strong and unique identity comes not just from our expectations that all boys will achieve high academic standards or that our extra-curricular provision is on a par with most independent schools. More importantly, our reputation comes from the traditional timeless values instilled into boys who leave us as gentlemen, polite and at ease with themselves and in any company, who have a sense of self-worth, who can stand up for their beliefs and who are valuable members of society.

There are no fees for places at Beechen Cliff, whereas parents at independent schools will normally pay in excess of £12,000 per year per pupil. The school’s success has been achieved wholly in the public sector but it is reaching a point where the resources available from this sector alone do not provide all that is required to meet our high ambitions of the school. If parents were able to give only a tiny fraction of the fees normally charged by independent schools, we could achieve so much more.

Over recent years generous donations to Beechen Cliff have funded projects such as: a printing press for art, injection moulding and CNC cutting facilities in technology, state of the art strength and conditioning facilities for our new gym, mixing desk and microphones for the new recording studio and sound/lighting equipment for staged productions. None of these would have been possible without the generous commitment of parents, alumni and friends of the school.

To continue to secure the school for future generations we aim to have funds available to help support capital projects, fund bursary boarding places for worthy students and provide enhancements to create lasting inspirational learning facilities. Examples of our priorities include: creating a new 3D Art studio, refurbishing the school library to further engage boys in reading and improving the independent study facilities, adding a new artificial turf sports pitch and creating a new common room and café facilities for our large number of sixth form students. Most importantly, we want to be able to have funds to ensure all pupils, regardless of their ability to pay, have access to the trips and extra-curricular opportunities that Beechen Cliff offers—whether it is a weekend trip to the school cottage at Tir-y-Cwm, shooting at Potterne, an exchange to China or learning to ski in Austria.  Without additional funds, many of these things will not be possible.

If parents and friends of the school were able to give a regular monthly donation of, for example, £10 we could make a huge difference. A £10 per month donation would equate, with gift aiding, to £150 per year per child – 1% of typical independent school fees.

Of course, we understand that everyone’s ability to contribute will be different. If you feel you have the resources, however small or large, and would like to join the many other parents and alumni who contribute to the continuing development of Beechen Cliff, we would ask you to complete the form below and we’ll do the rest.

If you would like further information please contact us via the email address:
Thank you in advance for your support.