We believe it is important for all pupils to attend school smartly dressed in their school uniform. We believe uniform is important and can play a key role in:

  • promoting the ethos of the school
  • providing a sense of belonging and identity
  • setting an appropriate tone for education

Uniform List

Blazer * Navy with school crest
Shirt * White with fine blue stripe. No T-shirts to be worn underneath.
Tie * Beechen Cliff House tie must be worn by all pupils
Jumper * Navy V-neck with crest (optional but no alternative is acceptable)
Trousers Mid grey from Scholars or any high street retailer
Socks Plain dark grey or black (not white) from any high street retailer
Shoes Black leather type available from any high street retailer. No trainers, canvas shoes or boots. (Trainers may only be worn at lunchtime).
Top Coat Plain and standard school style (no hooded tops, leather/denim jackets)
Games and PE Kit
PE shirt + Navy blue with school crest
PE shorts + Navy blue (Optional – Beechen Cliff Rugby shorts can also be worn)
PE socks White socks from any high street retailer
Supportive trainers Any brand (but not fashion trainers)
School rugby jersey + Navy blue with school crest
Rugby shorts + Navy blue with school crest
Rugby socks + Navy blue 
Rugby/Football boots  Any brand (Bladed boots are not permitted)
Gum shield and shin pads  Compulsory
Shoulder pads and scrum cap Optional
Towel For both PE and Games lessons

* Only available from Scholars, 4 Terrace Walk, Bath (Telephone: 01225 462206)

+ Available through the PTA (details below) or online through Kukri 


Headwear is not part of the school uniform. Pupils may only wear headwear for religious reasons e.g. turbans. Please contact the Headteacher or Deputy Headteacher for further information on exemptions.

Optional Additional Sports Kit

Pupils and students can purchase additional items to wear alongside their PE and games kit and for any fixtures or training sessions. Please order direct with Kukri: Kukri Additional Optional Sports Kit.

Uniform Costs

We understand that uniform can be expensive and therefore we reviewed our uniform in November 2021.

To help reduce the cost for families we reduced the number of branded items required from one supplier and have also sought an additional supplier for our sports kit: Kukri Beechen Cliff Sports Kit.

We have also reduced the number of compulsory items of uniform, for example the mid-grey school trousers no longer need to be bought from a single supplier.

The blazers and shirts are good quality and therefore last a long time making them more cost effective. In addition, due to their durability, second hand uniform is widely available.

Second Hand Uniform

The Beechen Cliff PTA runs regular second hand uniform sales. More information on the PTA, including a contact for second hand uniform, is available from their webpage.

Beechen Cliff PTA

Pupil Premium

Students who are eligible for Pupil Premium are able to request financial support for school uniform. Requests should be made via email to the school.

For families that are not eligible for Pupil Premium but are experiencing financial difficulty then please contact the school in confidence and we will do our best to support where possible.