GCSE Courses run over two years for most subjects. Throughout both Year 10 and Year 11 assessments take place to monitor pupils’ progress. Many of these are internal assessments but some subjects have Controlled Assessments or Coursework which contributes towards the final grade.

The main formal internal assessments take place during the Year 10 Summer Examinations week in early June and the Year 11 Trial Examinations week in November. However, additional formal internal assessments may take place at other times too.

Information on pupils’ progress and attainment will be provided to parents through Parents Evenings and Reports. Where there is a concern, individual Subject Teachers or Heads of Faculty will contact parents directly at other times of the year.

Guidance and support on revision will be provided by subject teachers and tutors throughout the year and particularly in the build-up to exams. We also run revision skills workshops for pupils in Year 11 prior to the Trial Examinations and before the ‘run in’ to the Summer Examinations.

The Year 10 GCSE Information Evening and Year 11 Revision Information Evening (both held in October) will aim to give guidance to parents in supporting their sons in preparing for GCSE examinations.

Please also use the links below which provide guidance to parents and pupils on effective preparation for GCSE examinationss.

For subject specific guidance to support Year 10 and 11 pupils through their courses please use the ‘GCSE Subject Revision Information’ link on the left hand side.