Most GCSE courses have assessments in Year 10 as well as Year 11. Some of these are internal assessments and some will contribute towards the GCSE grade pupils achieve at the end of Year 11. Year 10 assessments are an important part of consolidating learning so it is important that pupils are preparing properly for assessments in Year 10 as well as in Year 11.

Each subject has provided a breakdown of what assessments will take place throughout the course and the weighting of Public Examinations, Controlled Assessments and Coursework. A list of recommended revision resources is also supplied by each subject.

Further information and revision materials will be given to pupils by their subject teachers but the information here will act a strong basis for supporting pupils in their preparation for these important assessments.

Information on pupils’ progress and attainment will be provided through Parents Evenings and Reports. Where there is a concern individual Subject Teachers or Heads of Faculty will contact parents directly at other times of the year.

Key Dates

Year 10 Parents Information Evening: GCSE Course Information 3rd October 2017
Progress Report Issued 15th January 2018
Year 10 Parents’ Evening 18th January 2018
Progress Report Issued 22nd March 2018
Summer (Mock) Exams 11th – 15th June 2018
Full Reports Published 11th July 2018


Use the links below to access the Year 10 GCSE subject assessment information sheets.