Music Lesson Timetables

Instrumental Tuition

Music tuition is provided for most orchestral instruments, along with classical guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, kit drum, piano and voice.  In addition Jazz piano, taught by Jason Rebello, will be available for more advanced pupils (Grade VI and above).  Arrangements for Jazz piano are separate from those given below for all other music lessons.  (Please contact the Music Administrator for further details via

Choosing between classical and electric guitar?

The classical guitar pupils will follow a tried and tested step-by-step method that develops not only technique, but also teaches the guitarist to read music, as is expected of all other instrumentalists within the Department.

The pupils will study the ‘Guitarist’s Way’ series, completion of which eventually leads to the possibility of sitting Trinity/Guildhall grade exams if desired. The completion of the Guitarist’s Way also leads to membership of the guitar group. The ensemble plays at the School Carol Service in Bath Abbey, school concerts and visits to Primary Schools. Music for the group which has been played at school concerts has included 16th century lute music through to rock classics by artists such as The Beatles, Stevie Wonder, The Police and The Who.

Students who study electric guitar at Beechen Cliff will also follow a structured scheme of work. This includes studying pieces taken from popular genres including Rock, Pop, Blues and Jazz. These pieces will be reinforced by learning appropriate technical exercises and scales. This will lead into the popular ‘Rockschool’ exams where students will learn pieces alongside improvisation, sight-reading and technical exercises and make a great foundation for any student wishing to study popular instruments at a higher level. There are opportunities for electric guitarists to team up with drummers and bassists to take exams as a band.

Lessons and Cost

Instrumental lessons are taught on a one-to-one basis by visiting professional tutors. The duration of each lesson is 30 minutes and will take place during normal school hours. Lesson times will rotate each week to minimise disruption to curriculum lessons and pupils are expected to catch up on any missed work. Parents of Year 7 pupils, and those further up the school who are beginners, have the option to commence with 20 minute lessons initially and teachers will advise parents if changes are necessary to the lesson duration. Year 7 pupils who have achieved Grade I or have been learning an instrument for at least one year are strongly encouraged to commence with 30 minute lessons from the outset. The cost of lessons for the academic year 2016/2017 will be £17.00 for 30 minute lessons and £12.50 for 20 minute lessons.

The Music Tuition Contract


Throughout the academic year (approximately 38 weeks) 33 lessons will be provided as standard. Parents are asked to pay for these lessons by setting up a Standing Order over an 11 month period from September through to July. The monthly cost for lessons will be £51.00 (30 minute lessons) or £37.50 (20 minute lessons) and this amount will be collected on the first day of each month (barring August). Parents can ‘sign up’ for lessons at any time during the academic year, but tuition will only commence once the first payment is received.  Any changes to music fees in subsequent years will be made at the beginning of the academic year and parents will be notified in the previous Summer Term of any price increases.

Parents whose child receives free school meals, who wish to apply for assistance with music fees, should contact the Music Department (applications will be treated in the strictest confidence). The Music Department should be informed if circumstances change and pupils are no longer eligible for free lessons.

Lesson Attendance

Parents will be charged for all lessons throughout the academic year even when a pupil cannot make a lesson for a valid reason (school trip, illness, examinations, etc). However, if parents are aware of any clashes, they are asked to inform the Music Administrator at school ( with as much notice as possible. The School will then endeavour to rearrange lessons accordingly, so that parents are not paying for missed lessons. Please note it will not always be possible to rearrange lessons and on these occasions parents will be liable for the cost. If an instrumental teacher is absent for any reason, parents will not be liable for the cost and the lesson will be rescheduled.

Cancellation of Lessons

If parents wish to discontinue lessons at any point, one calendar month’s notice will be required in writing. This should be sent to the Music Administrator either via or in writing c/o The Finance Office.


Timetables for all instrumental lessons are displayed in the Music Centre entrance and can also be found on the school website It is the pupil’s responsibility to turn up at the correct time and parents are asked to ensure their son checks the timetable each week.  Please note that times of lessons will change weekly and sometimes last minute changes are unavoidable (not displayed on the website).

Applying for Music Lessons

If you wish your son to receive instrumental tuition, please complete the form in the link below and send it to the Music Administrator either via or via post c/o the Finance Office.

Once the application form has been received you will be sent a Standing Order Form to forward to your Bank.  Once the first payment is received your son will be notified when lessons are to commence.