Core Values recognise the qualities that we expect pupils to adopt and develop during their time at Beechen Cliff.  These values underpin all that we do and are considered to be an integral part of the experience at Beechen Cliff where a safe and secure learning environment, high standards of teaching and the provision of a wide and varied range of extra-curricular opportunities all combine to develop well rounded and independent thinkers.  The core values are:

Aspiration:  Beechen Cliff supports all pupils, encourages them to achieve their potential and celebrates the full range of their achievements.

Balance:  Beechen Cliff provides a wide range of opportunities for extra-curricular involvement and aims to develop pupils who will make a positive contribution to their community and society, i.e. develop a sense of “well roundedness”.

Compassion:  Beechen Cliff provides a safe environment and expects mutual politeness and respect to be observed by all members of the School community.

Independence:   Beechen Cliff promotes independent thinking and encourages the development of individual responsibility and resilience.

During his time at Beechen Cliff School your son will produce a Pupil Journal as a record of his time with us.  It would be helpful if you could, from time to time, provide sources that reflect his experiences such as photographs, certificates and newspaper articles which he can add to his Journal.

Maintaining a positive climate for learning

We pride ourselves at Beechen Cliff on having a well-ordered school community.  The vast majority of pupils conduct themselves in a way that always supports a happy, relaxed and purposeful atmosphere.  This is maintained through an expectation that all members of the school community have the right to be treated with respect and to work in a clean, calm and safe environment.  All should be punctual and well prepared for their work so that everyone is able to make the most of their time at school and it is understood that we all have a wider responsibility towards the community in which we live and work.

The school has a set of rules which, by and large, are a statement of the obvious but they are set out below to eliminate any doubt:

Around the school

Walk around the school sensibly and quietly.  Do not be a threat to the safety of yourself or others.

Dangerous objects/illegal substances, including cigarettes (including e-cigarettes) and alcohol, must not be brought into school, used or consumed.    No medication should be brought into school without the School’s knowledge and approval.

Stay on site during the school day, only leave school with staff permission and sign out before going.

In the interest of safety, do not play near cars, the cycle racks or on the banks around the site.

Look after all property and respect other people’s property.

Gambling, or bringing articles onto the School site for the purpose of buying and selling, is not allowed.

Pupil’s hair must be in a style acceptable to the School.   It must be sensibly cut (not cut below a Grade 2), clean and tidy.   It must not be bleached, dyed or permed.   No unusual patterns or designs are permitted, and it must not be longer than collar length.

Keep the school tidy – use the litter bins.

Jewellery must not be worn in school – this includes ear-rings/studs covered by plasters.

In the classroom

The general aim is that pupils should always work to the best of their ability and allow others to do the same.

Arrive on time for lessons with the correct equipment.

When a teacher or pupil is talking to the class, give them your full attention.

If you have something to say or ask, put up your hand and wait until the teacher is able to deal with you.

Please stand when a visitor enters the Classroom.

Mobile phones must be switched off at 8.25am and only switched on at the end of the school day.  They must not be taken into an examination room.   Failure to adhere to this will result in the item being confiscated for two days

Note:  Some departments may wish to add some additional local rules that are appropriate to their own teaching environment.

In the Refectory

Queue quietly and sensibly in a single file.

Eat and drink at the table and keep it clean and tidy.

Return trays with plates, cutlery and cups to the collection points.

Packed lunches/snacks can be eaten in the Refectory, picnic sites or designated areas but nowhere else.

To and from School

Remember we all have a responsibility towards the community (area) in which we live and work.   Wear the school uniform with pride – ties pulled up and shirts tucked in.  No jewellery is allowed at these times.

We encourage pupils to ride cycles to school and use our excellent cycle storage facility that has room for 100 bicycles.   Pupils must make sure that their bikes are locked properly and that they wear a helmet.  Scooters and skateboards are not permitted.  In the interest of safety, pupils should  not cycle down the avenues or within the school grounds.

The personal safety of pupils is very important.  Pupils must take extra care when crossing roads or getting on or off buses and always make use of pedestrian crossings.

Pupils must not act in a manner that could be considered offensive, dangerous or damaging to the reputation of Beechen Cliff.

Sanctions and the Consequence System

Occasionally sanctions are used when boys do not meet the expectations we have of all pupils at Beechen Cliff.  These sanctions include Refectory duty, lines, detention after school or on Saturday morning.  In exceptional circumstances, for example when a pupil causes low level disruption in lessons, he may be sent to the Work Room to work in isolation for a period of time under the direct supervision of a senior member of staff.  There is an expectation that all parents will fully support the work of the school in this area.  If a pupil continues to cause a problem for the school, parents will be requested to meet the Head of House to discuss the issue.

The details of the consequence system are given in the download at the bottom of this page.