This year’s Great Walk will take place on Friday 21st October 2016

Why do we hold the Great Walk?

The Great Walk is Beechen Cliff’s whole school fundraising event. It takes place on the last Friday of the Autumn Term. It is an opportunity to for all pupils and students of Beechen Cliff to raise money.


Once House specific sponsorship booklets are issued we ask each boy and sixth form student to find sponsorship –  friends and relations are a good starting point.  The amount from each sponsor does not need to be much  – a little from many soon mounts up.  Additional sponsorship forms are available from Reception or may be downloaded using the link below.  For sponsors who pay tax, you may wish to encourage them to complete the Gift Aid declaration so that we can recover the tax.

The Day

From Beechen Cliff, pupils and students will make their way down to Widcome and walk along the canal  tow path to Bradford on Avon before returning back to school the way they came.  Year 7 pupils normally stop at Dundas, but some, who have requested a Walking Pass from the Headmaster that is signed by the parents, may complete the entire walk to Bradford on Avon.  There will be no access to any shops on the route so supplies need to be bought before the walk.

8:00                   Breakfast is available from the Refectory

Pupils entitled to free school meals pick up their packed lunches at this time from the Refectory

8:15                   Pupils and students register in the Main Hall

8:30                   The walk starts outside the Main Doors

11:30                 Lunch and return walk to Beechen Cliff

Approx.15:00    All walkers returned to Beechen Cliff and dismissed

Kit list, check point locations, emergency contact and route of walk are downloadable from the link at the bottom of this page.

Pupils must carry the sponsorship booklet with them as it has important medical information on it and the School Emergency Number.  This is then signed at the furthermost checkpoint so to verify completion of the walk.

A packed lunch and a drink will need to be taken in a rucksack – we provide multiple water stops en route.

What is the sponsorship money spent on?

Pupils, students and groups can bid for money that is raised through the Great Walk.  Successful bids are usually are in the range of £200 to £300 pounds and have included the purchase of; dartboards, footballs, basketballs and cricket sets for use at lunchtime, Table tennis tables, running machines and many other sporting items. The Great Walk Fund has also support the purchase of lighting systems, photographic equipment, video cameras, tents used in Duke of Edinburgh and Ten Tors training and games for the board game club. It has also help to part fund much larger items such as the bike trailer used for the Coast to Coast Challenge, the marque used for the Centurion Challenge, and many other items used in extra-curricular activities. The bidding process is overseen by the Headmaster and the Beechen Cliff PTA.