Homework and Prep

At Beechen Cliff we are very clear about the importance of homework.  We believe homework has huge benefits – it improves performance in lessons, enables positive reinforcement from teachers, improves attitudes towards lessons and develops pupils’ capacity to work independently.  Homework is set rigorously and the school has high expectations of pupils and the quality of the homework handed in to teachers.  There is also an expectation that parents will provide the encouragement, the resources and the quiet space to allow homework to be completed well.

Homework is set via Show My Homework, an online portal, which pupils, students and parents all have access to.

Beechen Cliff also runs Prep, supervised time after school for pupils to receive additional support with homework.  Some pupils are directed to Prep on a basis of need and some attend voluntarily. Prep runs every day after school in the school library.

For more information on homework please see the downloads below.