The Humanities subjects of Religion, Philosophy and Ethics (RPE), History and Geography are popular and successful at Beechen Cliff, with a well-established track record of results and subject uptake.

The faculty team are a characterful bunch of highly committed teachers who aim to use their talents to inspire pupils with a lifelong interest in their respective subjects. The faculty vision is to be outstanding at all levels with a clear priority on the engagement and learning of pupils. To this end you will find a varied approach to lessons including re-enactments, visits, modelling, cake making and video production.

Each member of the faculty is of the conviction that their respective subjects are key to understanding our place and influence in an ever changing, globalised society. All staff make opportunities for out of hours learning and contribute heavily to a diverse range of extra-curricular activities. The Humanities subjects are taught as distinct disciplines from year 7 onwards and are popular within the school. The uptake of Humanities subjects at GCSE and A’ level is a strength of the faculty and a testament to the enthusiasm of staff and pupils alike.

For information on the curriculum for Geography, History and RPE please see the downloads below.

For extra resources to support learning please see the Faculty microsite.