Beechen Cliff School has a lovely location. It is close to the centre of Bath, yet has lovely views over the city, is next to a park and lies away from traffic and pollution. The School is also in a residential area and the only way to reach the campus is via streets where people live.  Pupils and staff travel to Beechen Cliff from a variety of locations using many different types of transport. The School’s policy is to respect its local community and neighbourhood which leads to careful consideration about travel to and from The School.

A great many pupils walk to school, some cycle to school, some travel on public busses and a few use the train to the nearest station and then walk the remaining way to school. All these have negligible impact on the local community.

The school is keen to promote greener and more sustainable travel wherever possible and a Travel Plan has been produced with the aim of supporting this process.

What we hope is that those who drive to school will use the Travel Plan to consider switching to walking, cycling, public transport or car sharing. The Plan has lots of helpful information from walking routes to bus apps.

The local community group, the Bear Flat Association (BFA), wants not only to reduce traffic congestion and the risk associated with lots of traffic, but also air pollution, noise and harm to the character of the school’s surroundings (part of the Bath Conservation Area).

Please have a look at the Travel Plan as the more effective the Travel Plan is, the better the environment for all of us. Experience tells us that it is the next generation, including Beechen Cliff pupils and students, who are most passionate about the environment and a sustainable future.

Please use the link below to access the Travel Plan:

Beechen Cliff School Travel Plan 


Bear Flat Association

The Bear Flat Association is the body for residents and businesses to protect and improve the Bear Flat area. BFA supports the idea of a School Travel Plan to promote more sustainable travel to and from school, and we are supporting the school in making the Plan as useful as possible.


Safer and Sustainable Travel

The school has produced the following guide to advise pupils on safer and sustainable travel to school:

Safer and Sustainable Travel