Our vision is to ensure that our pupils go on to lead happy and healthy lives, thriving as individuals and making a positive contribution to society.

If we can achieve this then we know that our children will be well-rounded, confident and comfortable in themselves; if they are able to form respectful relationships and enjoy good health and well being; if they realise their aspirations and if they act  with compassion towards others then they will thrive as individuals and be able to make a positive contribution to society. This will be achieved because they will know and be able to make the most of themselves, will be good human beings, will enrich others and enjoy fulfilled lives.

The values we prioritise and plan to develop in our pupils, are those of aspiration, balance compassion, independence, integrity and respect.

Our new boys are introduced to these early in their Beechen Cliff school careers, and we have a full programme, with a curriculum and extensive extra curricular provision to develop the values which we believe will help us realise our vision for pupils. 

To help make the values have meaning for each pupil we describe them in the following form:


Working hard and trying my best at all times, both in and beyond the classroom.


Taking up a range of opportunities to develop myself both in and beyond the school.


Improving the lives of those around me, especially those less fortunate.


Organising and taking responsibility for myself.


Doing the right thing, even when no one is looking.


Showing an understanding of the feelings, wishes and rights of others through word and action.