Our Vision

Our vision is to enable our pupils and students to achieve their aspirations and become well-rounded, confident and compassionate individuals who go on to live fulfilled lives and make a positive contribution to society.


To help us work towards this vision the values we prioritise and plan to develop in our pupils are of aspiration, compassion, independence and respect.

We we define these as follows:


Working hard and trying my best at all times, both within and beyond the classroom. Aiming high and challenging myself to fulfil my potential.


Showing consideration to others, improving the lives of those around me, and doing the right thing even when no one else is looking. Recognising my own self-worth.


Organising and taking responsibility for myself, developing my resilience and having the courage to do the right thing.


Showing an understanding of the feelings, wishes and rights of others through words and actions and by valuing equality and diversity within the community.