Meal times

Meal times in the boarding house are a key time of the day. It is a time when boarders of all ages and backgrounds meet to share the experiences of their day and enjoy the family atmosphere of the boarding house.

The meals provided are tasty and nutritious and served in our refectory by our dedicated catering team.

The menu is carefully selected  to provide a balanced and nutritious diet for our boarders. Boarders have input into their menu choices and menus are adapted throughout the year.

In addition to this, boarders are able to use the kitchen in their free time after prep and can store food in the fridges in the boarding house kitchen. Snacks are provided in the boarding house for movie nights at weekends.

Specific occasions, such as the annual boarders Christmas Meal or the annual awards evening (The’Boardies’) are particularly special and involve all boarders and all members of the boarding staff team.