Academic Environment

“Care and education staff work exceptionally well together. This ensures cohesive working, in a supportive and open culture. The school values are applied across all aspects of boarding and educational life.”

Ofsted Inspection, March 2020

” House parents support boarders with their academic work or university applications during prep time.”

Ofsted Inspection, December 2023

At Beechen Cliff we are very clear about the importance of homework.  We believe homework has huge benefits – it improves performance in lessons, enables positive reinforcement from teachers, improves attitudes towards lessons and develops pupils’ capacity to work independently.

Homework is set rigorously and the School has high expectations of pupils and the quality of the homework handed in to teachers.

Boarding students complete prep sessions in the boarding house. Experienced staff members can provide support to boarding pupils when needed and help lower school pupils to plan their prep sessions. In addition to prep set by academic teachers, students are encouraged to read as part of a ‘love of reading’ promoted by the School.

Progress is tracked and mentoring or support can be provided if required.