Pastoral Care

“Boarders receive good-quality and coordinated support when they need it most.” 

Ofsted Inspection, March 2020

“Boarders say they feel safe, both in boarding and in the local area. They say they can speak to house parents if they have any worries. Boarders enjoy positive
relationships with house parents and do share concerns with them.” 

“Comprehensive and well-integrated support is in place across the school to support boarders physical and emotional wellbeing. The boarding house provides a stable
and consistent environment for boarders.”

Ofsted Inspection, December 2023

The pastoral system is year group based and is at the heart of the boys’ experience of Beechen Cliff.  There are around 850 boys in the lower school.  Each boy is placed into one of four Houses: Byron, Kipling, Milton and Shakespeare.  In this way the boys across the school begin to know each other and contribute towards the family atmosphere which marks out Beechen Cliff and upon which so many visitors comment.

Each Year Group is supervised by a Head of Year, appointed from experienced teachers at the school.  Within each year, there are between six and eight Tutor Groups led by a Tutor.  The Tutor’s role is to oversee and guide the development of each boy in his or her charge and to provide academic and pastoral support.  The Pastoral Managers, School Nurse and the Boarding Housekeeper provide another strand to the pastoral care system and another point of direct contact for parents. Boarders can also have mentoring sessions in boarding time.

Academic and sporting competition between the Houses is fostered – as is charity fundraising activities.  A comprehensive rewards systems operates across all year groups in the school.

The Head of Boarding and the Boarding Team play a key part of and works closely with the Pastoral Team at Beechen Cliff. Care and attention is given to every boarding student – the wellbeing of our students is of paramount importance.

Parents and Carers

“Parents are positive about their children boarding. They feel there is good communication with house parents and say they can always get in touch with
someone. They say that house parents respect and care for their children.” 

Ofsted Inspection, December 2023

We recognise that parents are at the centre of our work in achieving success with our boys.  To help parents support their sons we provide clear information on academic performance and potential, guidance on support for reading and even an online programme to help parents be clear about homework which has been set for the boys. Excellent communication takes place between Parents and Boarding Staff – it is an essential part of the running of the Boarding House.

All payments which are made in addition to boarding fees are made online. Such payments could include departmental trips to enrich learning or larger trips such as skiing or cricket tours. Your unique online account can be topped up for smaller items such as break time snacks in the refectory.