The Creative Design Faculty is made up of two main departments, Design & Technology and Art & Design.  The Faculty consists of a team of highly skilled specialist practitioners, who have an unwavering desire to develop the creative skills of all students at Beechen Cliff School.   In recent years, The Creative Design Faculty has consistently recorded some of the finest levels of progress for students at Beechen Cliff School.

The curriculum offered by the Faculty is designed to be varied and fully inclusive for all students at Beechen Cliff School.  This allows each student to be exposed to a variety of skill sets and presents them with the opportunity to develop and progress their preferred skill through to advanced levels.

The students are taught a series of experiences during KS3, that includes Art, Food & Nutrition and Design & Technology.   This is primarily an introduction to the creative subjects and an opportunity to discover preferred skill sets that the students enjoy and may consider studying further for GCSE.   At KS4, students are able to opt into a suite of subjects, either one or even a combination of the following subjects can be opted for; GCSE Design & Technology, GCSE Food & Nutrition, GCSE Art & Design, GCSE Photography & Level 1 Cookery.  At KS5, the students are able to opt for Product Design, Art & Design and Photography at A Level.

For more information on the Creative Design curriculum please see the downloads below.